Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

I’ve said this before, but where I’m usually able to separate music from specific associations to things in my life, there are exceptions, and Tchaikovsky’s Suite from The Nutcracker is one of them. We played this every year in the Symphony Orchestra at college on the Christmas program, and in my junior year Fantasia came out on home video (VHS, huzzah!), so this suite invariably takes me back to Wartburg College, orchestra rehearsals under Maestro Janice Wade (who would get so mad if we tried to ritard in the very last bars of the Waltz of the Flowers!), and watching Fantasia.

So here is this year’s posting of the Suite from The Nutcracker. How I love this work! (And this is an unusually fine performance.)

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One Response to Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Whereas VERY seldom can I separate music from when I first heard it, or performed it, or heard it in a movie, or hears it in a commercial, or a store.

    I could give you memories of perhaps 1/3 of all the music I own, easily.

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