Your Daily Dose of Christmas

Wow…today is the birthday of the Chairman of the Board himself, Mr. Frank Sinatra! He would have been 104 today. What a star he was! There’s never been a time when his voice wasn’t a part of my life. One of the songs I remember most from when I was very young was a Sinatra song.

Here’s something I found earlier today: a complete episode of a Dean Martin teevee show, with Frank Sinatra joining along with a bunch of family members. This was recorded more than fifty years ago, and it’s sobering to see a number featuring Sinatra’s and Martin’s sons Frank Jr. and Ricci, and to know that both of those men–young, good-looking fellows here–have also died.


(Long-time readers of mine may notice that late in the show here, Mr. Sinatra sings “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…without the lyric change that Sinatra himself later foisted upon the world, totally changing the feel of the song! Amazing!)

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