Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

I saw this song mentioned yesterday on a list of “Christmas songs that aren’t actually about Christmas”. The notion regarding “We Need a Little Christmas” is that the song, from the Broadway show Mame, actually takes place at a time when it’s nowhere near Christmastime, and the song is kind of a desperate grasping-at-straws search for superficial happiness by a heroine who is down in the dumps for whatever reason. (Aside from this song, I’m completely unfamiliar with the show.) I suppose I get the point of the article, but it really does always strike me as unfortunate that so many people are so militant about relegating the good cheer of Christmas — or what should be the good cheer of Christmas — to the confines of one specific time period on the calendar, with some people being very rigid about how the good cheer is parceled out (starting on the day after Thanksgiving and coming down on December 26).

Since we always seem so intent on packing Christmas and all its joy into as tight and concise a package as possible, this song seems to be pretty indicative of our approach.

(Side note: It’s a shame that my main impression of Angela Lansbury is from Murder She Wrote, which wasn’t awful but…well, looking back, I think she got to phone it in a lot on that show.)

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2 Responses to Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Have you seen the original The Manchurian Candidate? I think that would help

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Similarly, I think the people who concentrate their giving/volunteer efforts to the Thanksgiving and Christmas period should reconsider.

    I know that local food banks turn volunteers away this time of year (enough experienced ones already and it's busy so there's no time for training). And I know that in the summer there are often desperate calls put out because food bank shelves get near empty….

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