Your Daily Dose of Christmas

 So far this year we’ve had about an inch of snow altogether at Casa Jaquandor, and at the moment the grass is green and the woods are brown and everything is wet and muddy. Meteorologically, we just aren’t in the Christmas mood yet.

But anyway, here’s “Sleigh Ride”, in the original orchestral version and the Johnny Mathis version with words, because hey, it’s Buffalo! It’s gotta snow sometime, right? Six years ago we were still digging out from seven feet of the shit!

Anyway, here’s the music.

I wonder if Currier and Ives knew that this song was what would carry their names into the ages….

Oh heck, here’s another version, the short Roy Rogers and Dale Evans version that blends Sleigh Ride with Jingle Bells and if you listen to it you’ll walk around all day humming “Harses harses harses” to yourself. You may remember this version from Sleepless in Seattle, when Meg Ryan sings along with it while driving….

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