Your Sunday Burst

Oddities and items of questionable interest to occupy your time this Sunday morning!

:: How Secret Societies Stay Hidden On The Internet.

It all started with a Facebook message from a dead guy.

Seems to me a wild-and-wooly adventure novel, full of globe-trotting exploits and hidden treasures, should start with a line like that. Someone needs to write that. (Not me, I’m booked.)

:: It turns out that actors don’t always like other actors, and are sometimes quite willing to say so. For example, Rex Harrison on Charlton Heston:

“Charlton Heston is good at playing arrogance and ambition. But in the same way that a dwarf is good at being short.”

Ouch. More actor-on-actor insults here!

:: I am forever fascinated by questions of artistic process, such as “What’s your desk look like?” or “What’s the atmosphere of the room you work in?” or “What pen do you use?” Well, the world hasn’t gone completely to electronica: Creative Types on their Favorite Writing and Drawing Instruments.

I will show up at a client meeting with a museum director and curators with a bowl of about 50 Sharpies in different colors. People just never see that. It’s like candy. When I start sketching, generally the purple comes out first – it is strong, but not too out there. I also love orange. The different colors help you clarify things: layering, floors, spaces, doorways.

–Architect Kulapat Yantrasast, who loves Sharpies.

:: How they make Ramen noodles:

:: A brief history of Sambo’s Restaurants, which aren’t all gone yet.

I don’t recall ever once eating at a Sambo’s, and if we did, it was likely on a road trip of some sort when we needed breakfast. I never knew about the racism in the name until the places were all gone.

:: Kevin Smith on walking on board the Millennium Falcon. (Salty language warning.)

:: Scared of heights? Don’t go to these places. I, however, would love to go to each one! (I’m not doing that “tether myself to the CN Tower and then lean over the edge” thing, though. That way, madness lies.)

:: My new life goal is to have a book of mine summarized on Thug Notes.

OK, that’s about all for this week. Enjoy and stay weird!

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One Response to Your Sunday Burst

  1. mylittlegeekery says:

    1: Sorry, I'm afraid I can't either. Writing my own Dracula novel. Don't judge me.

    2: No surprise about Charlton Heston. I find that most often what you see is what you get with celebrities. The trick is to find an unedited clip where an interviewer doesn't ask an "approved" question. Whatever the response, it is often a window into the true person.

    3: Ramen. Yum. That is all.

    4: I've done the CN Tower thing. My reaction can be summed up with "aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh… No."

    5: Classic Literature; Original Gangster. Really?

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