A Belated Birthday Wish to The Lydster

The Lydster, if I am reading things correctly, is 20 now.

“Who?!” you may ask. A reasonable question, so I shall provide a reasonable answer: The Lydster is Roger Owen Green’s daughter Lydia. Roger has been chronicling her growth and her adventures thereof pretty consistently (and always delightfully) on his blog, and I would be highly remiss if I didn’t offer up a post of my own congratulating her on A Momentous Birthday On Which She Achieved a Round Number.

I don’t recall exactly when I found myself on The Lydster’s bandwagon, but it’s been a while…a “long and winding road”, you might say! And I think Roger would approve of that, since he’s a Beatles fan.

Happy birthday Lydia! (Belated, though, making my tagging of this post “Born on this date” a bit inaccurate. But I strive for “engaging” here, not “accurate”.)

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  1. Roger says:

    We got her a cake today and I had XX added to the design. Two of the our didn’t get it, but Lydia and one other did.

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