Something for Thursday

So, there’s a local radio station that every day at noon does what they call a “Beatle Block”. That’s four songs by the Beatles.

Only…not really.

The other day they played this, which is not a Beatles song. It’s a Wings song, by Paul McCartney.

Now, they’ve done this before; they’ve played “Imagine” as part of the Beatles Block, and I suspect they’ve also played “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You” as well. So, my question to you, Dear Readers, is this: If you’re told you’re about to hear a Beatles Block, should that include only songs specifically by the band The Beatles, or can it include any song that may have been written by a member of The Beatles, after The Beatles broke up?

I personally lean to the former. This isn’t a Beatles song. It’s a Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney song, recorded by Wings. (And in truth, I don’t much like this song; most of McCartney’s post-Beatles output leaves me cold. But here it is, anyway.)

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One Response to Something for Thursday

  1. Roger says:

    There are, I believe, some all-Beatles radio stations, which, truth to tell, I could IMAGINE working at. They, by necessity of variety, do touch on solo Beatles, even songs written by and/or, produced by Beatles, collective or individual. Harrison on Cream’s song Badge, e.g. And then there are a few songs that were recorded for Beatles’ albums but never were released by the Fabs -a bunch of songs on McCartney’s first solo and Harrison’s All Things Must Pass.

    All of that said, I think you have a legitimate gripe. When I get a Beatles cover album, and I have about three dozen of them, it bugs me when My Sweet Lord or Maybe I’m Amazed are included.

    So, for the radio station, I’m liberal. For a fourpack, less so.

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