A brief writing update

Why yes, writing is exciting! #AmWriting

I’ve finally reached the point in writing GhostCop (not the actual title) where the story takes over and the rest of the thing is pretty much writing itself. I love when a story gets to this point, but it’s also a dangerous time, as the thought-train becomes this giant lumbering thing on a runaway course, gathering speed, and…well, you complete the metaphor. Suffice it to say that this level of focus leads to the tuning out of the entire world!

I expect to finish the draft by the end of this week, so yay, me! The next step will be to stick the manuscript in a drawer and fuhgeddaboudit until sometime in late winter or early spring, at which time the editing will begin.

And after the completion of this book? I plan to move right into my second attack on Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title), and in December, I’ll lower the daily “new words” quota to accommodate the first pass-through of the Princesses II manuscript.

Someday, this is all going to pay off. Maybe not big, maybe not for a while, but I’m going somewhere with all of this. I am writer, hear me roar! Zap! Pow!

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2 Responses to A brief writing update

  1. Earl says:

    Do you incorporate themes into your writing and if so are they consistent?

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Hmmmm. I think that question deserves a post of its own, so I'm going to file it away for future reference. Stay tuned!

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