A Feline Love Story

Yesterday morning I brought my computer down to the dining room table, where I did some work whilst enjoying my coffee. At one point I looked down, to my left, and saw that my parents’ Persian cat was hanging out on our porch, right outside our sliding glass door. (They live next door now.) Along came Lester, and the following transpired:

First, a meeting. Shared looks and stares. He’s looking eager, while she, ever the Lady, is playing it cool. She’s avoiding eye-contact, and doesn’t want to seem eager. But she isn’t going away, either.

At last the eye contact comes…but alas! The infernal glass door is still there, forever separating the two feline lovers!

The intensity of Lester’s smoldering stare becomes too much. She must look away, lest she be drawn into his web of kitty passion!
Finally Lester decides it’s time for a dramatic gesture, displaying what he thinks is his best feature, his enormous gray belly. Sadly, it is, in reality, far from his best feature.
Her reaction to this? “Um…yeah. I gotta go do something now.” And away she went, seconds later, to return to her own porch. But see, she loves our porch, likely because of the chipmonks who live beneath it. She’ll be back. And next time, it may be Julio!
She’s a vixen, that one.
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