Of buckets and the dumping of the water therein

If you’ve lived beneath a rock of late, you may have missed a viral fundraising activity that’s going around the social media sites. I’m not even sure of the exact “rules”, but it’s all voluntary anyway, so it’s not like the rules matter all that much. It involves dumping, or having someone else dump, a bucket full of ice water over your head, after which you challenge a few other folks to do the same, whilst making a small donation to the ALS Assocation. ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is a particularly awful way to go, and like all awful diseases, its defeat is a worthy goal. There’s been an awful lot of tut-tutting over the thing, and to my way of thinking (along with Roger, who as always has some good links), that all pretty much misses the point. Donations are way up, and people are having fun doing it, so what’s the problem? Why be such a Muggle? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Anyway, I received my challenge/nomination last week, and I finally got ’round to doing the deed. Aside from the efficacy of this as a fundraiser (yes, I did kick in a few Quatloos!), what are my thoughts on up-ending a bucket of water over my head? Well, it actually felt good! Luckily I got a fairly warm day. This particular summer hasn’t been all that hot in my neck o’ the woods, but I imagine this would have felt awesome on a 90-degree scorcher in July. It was over quickly, and if it had been really hot, maybe I wouldn’t have even bothered changing afterward — I could just hang out outside and air-dry. Alas, it wasn’t quite that warm.

So yeah, I got my challenge done. I’m not challenging anyone else, seeing as how I think I’m coming to this bit at the tail end of its potency (most folks I know have already done it, anyway). But my friends should be warned: if a similar fundraising challenge starts making the rounds that involves a pie in the face, oh, there will be some challenging going on!

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2 Responses to Of buckets and the dumping of the water therein

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    One of my favorites: Sarah Palin

  2. Lynn says:

    I missed this somehow. That is pretty good. Perfectly you.

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