A few odd items

Because oddness abides, man.

:: Since he’s playing in the Super Bowl next week, it stands to reason that someone out there is writing erotica featuring Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. Because…um…I got nothin’.

:: “Let It Go”, in Welsh. Because the old tongues of Northern Europe make everything better.

:: A photo gallery of shopping malls, taken in 1989. I do kinda miss malls, sometimes. I mean, we still have ’em and all, but I rarely go there anymore, because the stores are…well, they’re the same everywhere, and my needs in terms of “stuff” have changed and diminished over time.

More next week!

(Sorry about the relative lack of new content recently, but the usual reason applies. I’ve got some decent momentum going on Princesses III: Even Princessier (not the actual title), and I have to keep the pedal to the floor!)

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2 Responses to A few odd items

  1. Andy says:

    I miss malls too but the benches they had to sit on were ALWAYS uncomfortable!!!! At least the ones at the Olean Center mall were!!!!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Malls I do not miss. The Crossgates Mall near here I avoid like the plague. Not only did it invade environmentally sensitive land, but this:

    At the beginning of the Iraq War in March 2003, the mall became the center of a free speech controversy when Selkirk resident (and director of the Albany Office of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct) Stephen Downs was arrested by the Guilderland Police after he refused to leave the mall or remove the T-shirt he had just purchased, which read "Peace on Earth". After an immediate protest of over 100 local residents who went to the mall the next day wearing anti-war t-shirts of their own, the mall dropped the charges.[5] A few days later, a larger protest was held at the mall, with many of the protesters sporting anti-war clothing.

    So malls are not the public square but private property. They are not usually accessible by foot or bike, and are bad for the country, IMLTHO.

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