Non-sentential Links

Just to shake things up, some links which are not sentential in nature. Wow!

::  Writer-acquaintance Ashley Carlson (whose new book, The Charismatics, is both available and good!) has some thoughts on strategy for men who are trying to appeal to women on e-dating sites.

::  A good question, asked by Anne Leigh Parrish: “What if we all wrote with the idea that no one might ever read us? Would this silence us, or set us free?” I’m not sure. I don’t like the idea of not being read…but I can’t write with the assumption that a specific group of readers will read me. Good question…thoughts?

::  Wow! SamuraiFrog, one of my favorite bloggers, has been blogging for ten years! Congrats to him!

::  Who cares if the movie came out last summer? I love it to pieces, so here’s Lance Mannion’s review of Guardians of the Galaxy. (My review here.)

::  Ach, I wasn’t paying attention and missed the birthday of Robert Burns! Sheila O’Malley, as always, had things well in hand, though. (We did watch an episode of Outlander, which…well, it doesn’t count at all, I guess. But a time-travel romance drama set in Scotland is nice.)

::  Finally, I have to end on a sad note. I started reading John Scalzi’s blog right around the time they acquired a fuzzy little kitten. That kitten became a beautiful long-haired cat, who has just passed away after twelve years. Don’t read this right before driving or handling cutlery.

Keep on truckin’, folks, and if you live in NYC or Boston or points in between, stay warm and safe!

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