A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

What’s an old genre of something that you miss and you know is never coming back? For me, it’s 1970s-era variety shows. The closest we get to that sort of thing is reality competition stuff like America’s Got Talent, and those aren’t that interesting to me anymore.

(I hope this question makes sense…I was trying to figure out how to word it….)

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4 Responses to A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    conversation on the bus, as opposed to people buried in their devices.

  2. Unknown says:

    Saturday morning TV, watching Three Stooges and Professional Wrestling.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    – I miss Saturday morning cartoons being more of a thing. I remember when I was a kid, every network showed them, and some years they even did a "preview show" the Friday night the week before the new season started up.

    – I miss local newspapers being a reliable source of news, and mattering. I remember coming home as a kid and sitting down with the Akron Beacon Journal (which came in the afternoons those days). I mostly just read the comics and headlines, but still. I don't even subscribe to my local paper now because it's just useless, full of typos and rarely anything of import.

    – I miss the big old downtown department stores, with departments for all kinds of stuff (a candy department, a book department, even a small restaurant). We used to make a trek to them every year for school clothes, and we'd also go for Breakfast with Santa (or Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, also, some years). Malls aren't the same, and anyway, the enclosed malls seem to be dying, and being replaced by some upscaley version of the strip mall.

  4. Lynn says:

    Well, I wish I could think of something original but I can only agree with you about variety shows.

    I also miss the days when classical music was not considered offensive by the average person. Seriously, I can remember when even people who weren't into it at least respected it and you would occasionally see classical performers on these variety shows.

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