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:: Overalls are everywhere at the moment. I’m loving all the new skinny jean overalls. I seriously considered investing in a pair, but I already had the overalls you see here. And no one needs two pair of overalls. That’s just excessive. (Excessive? Never! Obsessive? Well…um…moving on!)

:: I feel like I can get a glimpse of why someone might become a work-a-holic, especially in this stage of my writing career when I’m really fighting hard for my dream. Not writing seems like wasted time. There is a balance to be found for sure. (Anya Monroe has become one of my favorite writer-peeps. Check her blog out!)

:: So, did I know about Ellen Page?

Sure. Why not?

How did I know?

Same way I know most everything I know.

I read it…

…somewhere. (I didn’t know! But then…I didn’t care, either. But you know, it’s interesting to me on this basis: I tend to just assume people are straight, mainly because that’s the statistical likelihood. And then I find out they’re gay, and I’m briefly surprised, and then I invariably end up thinking, “Why do I need to know this, anyway?” I understand on one level why it’s “news” when someone famous “comes out”, but at the same time…I just don’t care. And I shouldn’t, right? Thoughts?)

:: Maybe that’s the muse of sleeping poets and passed out musicians, but my muse is none other than Lucy, and I have always been Charlie Brown.

:: Is it easier to write paranormal, as opposed to contemporary romance?

:: It has taken me a while to realize that the truth doesn’t always need to be shared. And when you do, it’s important how you say it. But there’s even more to it than that.

:: You’ve probably experienced this yourself at some transitional point in life – listened to a song, and its melody and/or lyrics leapt out to fill your mind with stunned silence, that weird missed-step feeling of Fate having a hand between your shoulder blades. Regardless of its release date, that song would then become synonymous with a fragment of time when, for a few moments, you didn’t feel quite so unique, or so alone and unheard by the world, depending on how you viewed it.

:: If a candidate for federal elected office cannot muster the courage or mental fortitude to be interviewed by the singular local paper covering her district, she’s fundamentally unqualified for public office of any kind. (Alan Bedenko is rather unimpressed with the birther lunatic the Republican Party is offering up for Congress in this area. What a disgrace…but then, this is the same NY GOP that begged fellow birther lunatic Donald Trump to run for Governor. Having one of our major parties be so completely insane is so bad for the country.)

More next week. Unless there aren’t.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Re: Ellen Page, and peiople coming out in general, I agree with Arthur@AmeriNZ on this: "Late last week, we had the well-publicised coming out speech by actress Ellen Page. Earlier in the week, we had the coming out of US university football player Michael Sam, who may become the first openly-gay NFL player, and we had that famous reaction to his coming out.

    All of which led some of you to wonder out loud, “why does a celebrity feel they need to do this?” Some of you—our friends and allies, even—have said, “people’s sexuality shouldn’t be anyone’s business but their own”.

    If only that was actually true!

    A heterosexual never—ever—has to consider the consequences of being attracted to or falling in love with someone of the opposite gender. But depending on where a gay person lives, if he or she falls in love with someone of the same gender he or she could face ostracism, violence, prison or even death.
    In other words, they come out because not only are they living a lie, OTHERS believe, implicitly, they are being lied to.

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