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Continuing the cavalcade of answers to Ask Me Anything! questions. (Entries still welcome, by the way — ask things in comments here!)

The Herkmeister (hey, if you don’t mind my asking, what’s with that name? There’s gotta be a story there!) offers a couple of Star Wars questions.

So, Disney recently announced it would be making a bunch of stand-alone Star Wars films in addition to a new trilogy. The buzz is that first up will be a movie about Yoda (which is awesome because Yoda), but if it were up to you, which Star Wars character would you like to see get his or her own spin-off film?

This is tough. I’m genuinely not sure of what direction they’re looking to take here. How many movies are they thinking of doing? Another trilogy plus a ‘spin-off’ film, with the possibility of more depending on box office? The plans mentioned thus far are really nebulous.

Frankly, I’d like to see the story of how the Jedi began…who was the first person to figure out the existence of The Force, what that looked like, and so on. I think that might be interesting. I have no idea if that tale has been told in any of the hundreds of “Expanded Universe” stories created over the last twenty years. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a film made that tells a story inside the existing films — maybe track the travails of the Rebel alliance after they get beaten at Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. There was a wonderful episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation called ‘Lower Decks’, which focused on a group of lower-ranked crewmembers of the Enterprise, people for whom Picard and Riker and the rest were all intimidating folk to look up to. That sort of thing might be cool.

And frankly, I think it would be cool if George Lucas made a Jar Jar Binks movie just to say “F*** you!” to the haters. Ha!

Also, any chance of more “Fixing the Prequels” posts?

Yeah, I really need to finish those up. I’m hanging my head in shame. If ever I should get that done (I was about a third of the way through Revenge of the Sith, if I remember rightly), it should be now, as Star Wars fandom seems to be revving up again. I do continue to sulk at the calcification of pop cultural opinion that the Prequels were one unremitting slog of suck, but those last windmills do still beckon, and I suppose I should tilt at them once and for all.

OK, more answers to come!

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3 Responses to Answers the Second!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hate to disappoint, but there really isn't much of a story. Pretty much no nickname ever stuck for me until my sisters started calling me "Herk" (my initials are HRK). At the time I created my LJ account, "herk" was taken, so I just lengthened it a bit.

    For what it's worth, by the way, I don't think that the calcification is irreversible. From what I've seen, the kids coming to prequel trilogy now are latching onto it pretty strongly and I don't think they're going to drop it so quickly. And for that matter, I've been seeing more and more defenses of the prequel trilogy as time goes by. Certainly your defense got me to re-examine my own views, although I don't think I'll come around to your way of thinking on Episode II.

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Yeah, Episode II seems to be the real dividing point…I had a hard time with it, because what's good in it is REALLY good, and what's bad in it is really brief, but also really bad. Strange…but I still love it!

  3. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Maybe Episode II is kind of like the 'problem plays' of Shakespeare, the plays that are full of WTF?!.

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