We’ve been in something of a Deep Freeze here in the 716 of late, with several days in the last couple of weeks bottoming out near zero, a similar number of days never getting much above ten degrees, and (I think) zero days in which we’ve gone above freezing. We’ve also had a good walloping of snow since January, as if to make up for a very mild December. That’s supposed to end this week with a brief warmup (we actually go into the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we’ll be able to melt some of this off before the next round possibly hits on Thursday or so), but…wow, it’s been cold.

Our house has a couple front-facing windows where we raise the blinds during the day and put them back down at night. Rosa (one of the two cats we adopted last year) loves looking out these windows, and she comes running each and every morning at blind-raising time. In warmer months she gets to sit on the window sill of the open window and watch the world go by, but in colder months she has to content herself with sitting atop the litter box’s roof and peering through the window.

The problem is that when we put the blinds down, moisture gets trapped there, where it condenses and eventually freezes. The result is that Rosa’s morning view looks like…this.

It’s hard being a cat, is all I’m saying.


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