My current reaction to a certain news item

There’s a thing that might be happening today, or it might not, and absent confirmation by the person who can confirm whether the hoped-for thing is in fact happening today, I will keep my reaction noncommittal. Moreover, everyone acting as if the thing that might be happening today actually is happening today would do well to listen to the wisdom of Mr. Toby Ziegler in this West Wing clip.

Or, failing that, Professor Jones’s wisdom from this scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

INDY: Well? We made it!

PROFESSOR JONES: When we’re airborne, with Germany behind us, then I’ll share that sentiment.


Confirmation. I need it!


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2 Responses to My current reaction to a certain news item

  1. Roger says:

    If it’s the thing I THINK it is, NBC spent three minutes on it Sat nt. I immediately said to my wife, “That’s not a story!” If/when he conforms, THEN it’s a story.

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