Cleared to land

Air Force One, originally uploaded by Jaquandor.

The day before yesterday saw President Obama visit the Buffalo area. He was in town for all of three hours — enough time to meet with the family members of the people who died in the plane crash a year ago, stop at a restaurant to pick up some chicken wings, and then go to a factory that’s been steadily expanding for a number of years for a tour and a speech.

I was working, so I didn’t get to see the President or hang out along the streets so I could see his motorcade, but as The Store’s parking lot roughly faces the same direction as the Buffalo Niagara International Airport, I figured I’d get to see Air Force One on final approach, just like I did six years ago when President Bush came to town. I found an excuse to hang around out front of our building at the rough time that the President was supposed to arrive, and sure enough, there’s Air Force One, making its final approach to the runway.

Three hours later I went outside again, hoping to see the takeoff, but as the President’s next destination was New York City, the plane took in the other direction. Oh well. I hope the President gets back here soon! Three hours isn’t enough time to spend in so fine a place as Buffalo.

BTW, you may have seen in the news that when Obama stopped by Duff’s to pick up some wings, a local woman told him that he was “a hottie with a smokin’ little body”. Well, that’s certainly on the list of things it would never occur to me to say to a President of the United States. But what would I say? Probably one of the following:

“Can you play quarterback or at least block for one?”

“Can you call up George Lucas and order him to invite me to an overnight stay at Skywalker Ranch?”

“Well, you’re doing a fine job, Mr. President. Not as fine as Jed Bartlet, but you’ve got time to catch up.”

OK, I wouldn’t say any of these things. I’d probably default to something along the lines of “It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. President.” And I’d almost certainly ask for a picture. A hottie with a smokin’ little body? Yeah, probably not so much. Not even if Stana Katic was the President!

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