Give that boy some smelling salts.

Sean continues his delusional attachment to the New England Stupid Patriots. It’s really sad to see, really. He wasn’t this way in college….must be the sleep-deprivation from raising twins. I’m sure he’ll come around eventually.

And since I brought up football, I might as well join in the head-shaking over Rams coach Mike Martz, who has now managed to cost his team both a Super Bowl win and a berth in the NFC Championship Game in the space of three years by making dumb-assed decisions. Thirty seconds left, with one timeout at his disposal, and he makes no effort to go for the end zone and the win. Instead, he decides to play for overtime, which almost worked out, but ultimately didn’t.

I wonder if Rams fans wake up in the middle of the night, cold and sweaty, as they realize what might have been, had Dick Vermeil not been dumped in Martz’s favor.

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