More “West Wing” thoughts

I’ve been watching old first-season episodes of The West Wing recently: our local WB affiliate runs one each Saturday night at 10:00, and this week I discovered that my library has the complete first season on DVD. Having now watched most of the latter half of the first season again, many of these episodes for the first time since their first airing, I wonder once again: What, exactly, ever became of the Moira Kelly character (who was also supremely annoying)?

And in watching just a moment or two of the commentaries, I caught Aaron Sorkin saying something like, “I view the whole show as a novel, and each episode as a single chapter.” Which made me think, “Geez, Sorkin must be a pretty bad novelist then.” Plotlines are introduced and then disappear, entire characters disappear, et cetera.

And once again, I write an entire blog post with no point whatsoever. Go figure.

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