This has turned into a hot, dry summer in Buffalo Niagara. Even the streams at Chestnut Ridge, up in the wooded hills, are beginning to dry up.

Very hot day makes a pretty short hike. I'm better with heat than I used to be, but I am still not made for 90 degrees. #ChestnutRidge #wny #orchardpark #summer #nature #hiking #trees #TooDarnHot
I’m not nearly as bad about hot weather as I once was, ten or fifteen years ago, but even so, too much time north of ninety degrees still makes me grumpy and/or lethargic. The week before last, we endured something like eight consecutive days above the ninety degree mark. That is highly unusual for this region.
I’m hoping that this doesn’t become the norm for summers around here. While we do have our share of hot-and-humid, one selling point of summer in Buffalo is that it doesn’t get as sultry as the summers in Philadelphia, New York City, or Boston. Every year we hear anew the fact that since authorities started recording temperatures, Buffalo has never hit one hundred degrees. I suspect that this streak is likely to end one of these years.
I’m ready for August, though!
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