Tinkering, complete! (Mostly)

I spent a bit of time this past weekend making a few changes to Byzantium’s Shores, which you may notice if you’re particularly eagle-eyed and you’re familiar with the old lay of the land here. Some of these changes were long overdue, and given that Blogger has recently updated its interface, I figured I should make some of the obvious (and less-than-obvious) changes.

By way of itemizing the alterations, here’s what’s up:
::  New masthead image, obviously. I think I did a pretty good job at creating a masthead that reflects my personal branding!
::  I updated the blog tagline, to run beneath the masthead.
::  I moved the menu of Blog Pages up, so now it’s the first thing you see on the sidebar. You may notice that the Comments Policy is not there anymore; the page still exists but I want to tweak it a bit. That link will reappear when that’s done.
I have also created an information page for my books! As of this writing, the page contains nothing at all, but getting that page done is a priority for the next week or two. It seems weird that this particular blog, which is in many ways my main outpost online, never had direct information about my books and their availability. That changes…well, soon. Stay tuned!
Also note that I have removed the blogroll. This is, sadly, permanent, at least as far as I can foresee. Blogging is more and more of a niche thing, and as I clicked around my blogroll’s links a few days ago I discovered a distressing number of links that go to blogs that are, sadly, no more. An on-site blogroll is just not an important resource anymore.
::  I tightened up the wordage in the “Informational” section of the sidebar, which is now titled “Greetings, Programs!” (This is a geek reference to the movie TRON, if you must know.) This includes a link to ForgottenStars.net, as well as a link to my LinkTree. LinkTree is a service that manages links, so links to all of my various social media and other web hangouts are there, instead of taking up lots of sidebar space.
::  There was a section for old blog aggregation services; I’ve removed this entirely.
::  All that remains is the shifting about of the photo sections and my sidebar quotes.
Does all this mean that I’ll be posting more frequently? Ummm…look, over there! [runs away while you’re distracted]
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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Curiously, I finally ADDED a blogroll to my blog. I always had the capacity, apparently, but not the time.

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