How to Anger the Twitter Gods

I’m in Hour Two of a twelve-hour long suspension from Twitter because I broke one of its rules. The suspension happened very quickly, so obviously I didn’t manage to render my thought in poetic enough fashion to not trigger Twitter’s content bots against violent content or something. I deleted the tweet, but the 12-hours are still imposed. Oh well!

Not that big a deal, and if you’re wondering what got under my skin, it was a series of things Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said about his current COVID status and how mean the NFL is to not consider his essential-oils-and-homeopathic-bullshit regimen as “immunization” equivalent to being fully vaccinated. He started off with saying something like “I’m going to be done in by Woke People and by Cancel Culture.” Now, I’ve recently adopted the personal policy of filing such citations of “Wokeness” and “Cancel Culture” under the same category as when people claim to be “Politically Incorrect”: After that, I stop listening to whatever it is they’re saying.

But one bit of dumbassery Rodgers said did manage to actually tweak me. He was babbling about “his own research” and “his own immunization regimen” and a whole lot of crap, but then he was quoted as saying something about how “liberals hated vaccines when 45 was President but as soon as Biden took over they loved them”. This is so mastadonical in its rhetorical turd status that I couldn’t help myself, so I fired off a tweet expressing my hope that Mr. Rodgers tear his ACL as soon as he steps on the field next.

Yeah, not my best hour. Shouldn’t have said it. I grant that.

But it’s still complete bullshit.

I’m no expert on all the details, but my understanding is that Operation Warp Speed, the program spearheaded by the 45 administration to facilitate vaccine development, was pretty much a success. There’s a reason why all those vaccines were ready to go not long after Joe Biden’s inauguration. No one with half a brain seriously credits the Biden Administration with the entirety of the US vaccine response.

And there was a time when the right (and I assume now that Aaron Rodgers is one of those) believed the same thing. There was a brief time when they were really trying to push giving credit to 45 for the vaccines. Someone, I think it was Geraldo Rivera, said something like “Let’s call it the Trump Treatment!” The idea that the American left would be suddenly vaccine-hesitant if 45 had won re-election and everything else had been the same is a pleasant fiction, but there’s no doubt that if 45 had won a second term and everything else had been the same, FOX News and everyone else would be trumpeting the vaccines as one of the greatest humanitarian triumphs in history, all because of the greatness of President 45. We know this because they actually did start talking like this, before they collectively decided that no, the real victory lay in pulling back on their pro-vaccine talk, instead defending the honor of Ivermectin and amplifying anti-vaccine voices as much as they could (while privately making sure that each and every person working for FOX News is vaccinated).

In short, Aaron Rodgers is a deluded dope who has no idea what he’s talking about. But on Twitter, you can’t wish him a season-ending injury. OK. Message received, Twitter.

But this site right here is my site and I get to say whatever I want on my site, so: Hey, Aaron Rodgers! I hope you blow your knee out!

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