Oh wait…the MCU already HAS a talking duck….

Seen on Twitter this morning:

That duck is on a mission, and no wrought-iron fence is gonna keep him from having his revenge!!!

But…revenge against whom, you might ask? Well, because my brain is a steel trap for completely random stuff in the hopes that many years hence it may trigger an association, it occurred to me that the duck’s escape from its prison is possibly the tiniest nugget of backstory for my personal favorite installment of The Far Side ever.

Gary Larson once commented on this particular installment in one of his books that he likes this one because it makes you wonder what kind of weird, sordid past a Professor and a talking duck could share. And we still don’t know, but look out, Professor Jenkins! Your waterfowl* nemesis has escaped! Run! Far away! Yes, book passage on a ship! He’ll never track you down there!!!

* Thank you, Spell Check, for gently reminding me that it’s not spelled “waterfoul”.


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