It’s National Pie Day!

January 23 is National Pie Day! Huzzah! Pie, whether open-faced or not, is one of the most wonderful and versatile of all food categories. Pies for main courses; pizzas; pot pies; fruit pies; cream pies; such a vast array of foods that fall into the category of “pie”. Yup, I love pie!

Here’s Nigella Lawson, making a quick chicken pot pie using puff pastry:

A few years ago — Heavens, I need to do this again — I made my own Chicago-style deep dish pizza. And yes, it’s a pie, not a casserole.

Here’s a wonderful video about Chicago-style pizza. Wait until you see the cooks at Gino’s East putting the sausage into the pizza:

Thinking about pie always makes me hungry, but it can also take one’s thoughts in a rather, shall we say, cosmic direction:

And then, of course, there’s a whole other galaxy of uses for pie:

So whether you celebrate National Pie Day by baking a pie, eating a pie, or getting hit in the face with a pie, Happy National Pie Day!

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2 Responses to It’s National Pie Day!

  1. Lynn says:

    Of course everyone knows that the real Pie Day is March 14 but, whatever. Every month should have it's own pie day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keeper Peyton stat of the day: record-setting 7th 300+ yard playoff game (Favre may have tied it later today). At first I wondered how Marino or Elway didn't have 10 such playoff games (Montana almost always had a quality RB to balance the game away from 300+ passing yards), but in any case, Peyton has been The Man in the playoffs more times than he's gotten a ring. His brother is the opposite, having a ring, but not performing well enough to win in the playoffs when given a balanced team.

    Jason Whitlock will never be reasonable about Peyton since it generates no outrage to praise Peyton for his good body of work.


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