In which I ensure a Jets-Vikings Super Bowl

My predictions are: Colts 31, Jets 13 and Saints 38, Vikings 24. I’ve been wrong a lot during this year’s playoffs, so I see no reason that should end. I’m conflicted on the Vikings, actually; I’ve always liked the team and a lot of my best friends, dating from my college years, are Vikings fans, so seeing them get a Super Bowl win would be nice. But Brett Favre’s annual offseason antics about whether or not he’s retiring and whether or not he wants to play and blah blah blah have soured me on Favre to the point that I don’t want to see him get another shot at a ring.

In terms of rooting interest in the Super Bowl, I’d love to see the Saints get a win…but I’d also like to see the Colts win it all, if only to shut up the Jason Whitlocks of the world who still insist that Peyton Manning is a choker, even if he’s already got a ring. So maybe Jets-Saints, so I could root for Drew Brees in peace…but I just don’t see the Jets winning today. Mark Sanchez has to remember he’s a rookie sometime, right?

Ach, screw it. I have no idea who’s going to win.

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