National Pie In The Face Day!!!

 According to somebody, November 27 is “National Pie in the Face Day”. The last few days I’ve been posting some of my favorite photos of myself in a pied-face state, with nifty quotes attached, to social media because let’s face it, if ever we lived in a time where humor of any kind was desperately needed, even if it’s an old staple like the pie in the face, it’s now. So here are a few selections!

And finally, here is an amusing item from an artist who creates surreal images mixing elements of classic art with real life. Given the apparent state of affairs as I write this, especially in the United States, it’s hard not to think that God, if They are out there, is in precisely this kind of mood with regard to humanity:


Stay safe, everybody, and at least try to keep laughing. It’s really all we can do in the face of disastrous times, until they end!

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