Pick My Author Photo!

 Hey, folks! I’m doing this on Twitter and Instagram, and since this blog is the granddaddy of all my “social media” ventures, I should do it here, too. I am in the cover-design phase of The Savior Worlds, Book Four of The Song of Forgotten Stars, which means it’s time to update the author photo on the back cover! I’ve pre-selected these four images, and if a consensus forms around which one is best, I’ll go with it. (If it roughly breaks even then I will pick.) What should be my author photo? Let me know!

Hey #WritingCommunity and fans and followers! Help me pick my author photo for the back cover of THE SAVIOR WORLDS! Drop a vote in comments to this post! #amwriting #writersofinstagram #writerinoveralls

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3 Responses to Pick My Author Photo!

  1. Michael May says:

    Maybe it's because I'm ready for Christmas and snow, but I pick One!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    Two. The scarf in one blocks the wisdom of your gray hair and has a sports logo to boot. I guess I eliminated three because the backdrop of books is too much on the nose. That said, I don't hate any of them. Four is definitely my second choice.

  3. Annehueser says:

    I like 4. The contrast of colors between the sweater and the overalls works well and both colors are good on you. But all of them are good.

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