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Over on AICN, there is some consternation over the choice of writer/director that has been attached to the project ALIEN vs. PREDATOR. Now, I haven’t seen any of Paul Anderson‘s films, so I can’t comment on his status as a “hack” (or as an “auteur” or anything else); what is baffling me is just why anyone thinks that Alien vs. Predator is a good idea for a movie in the first place. Perhaps my heart just isn’t in the right place, but I can’t see how even a director of, say, John McTiernan’s or James Cameron’s caliber working from a script penned by, oh, William Goldman could make anything interesting out of a crossover between these two franchises. When people are clamoring for a project like this, and bemoaning the director who has “won” the assignment, it clears up a lot of the mystery as to why a lot of fanboys don’t like Star Wars any more.

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