Sentential Links #200

Woo-hoo! Two hundred Sentential Links posts! Yay! Huzzah!! And something like that.

:: Sometimes I look up from what I am doing and I see Hope across the room staring at me, and there is a look of such coiled contempt in her eyes that I want to run fleeing into the night. (How well I remember that look from cats! Our current crop of feline friends don’t give us that look, though; they basically stare at us with a few different expressions, most of which can be loosely grouped under “Is the dish full?” or “Pet me.” They’re actually pretty needy, as cats go. Weird.)

:: The Catholic Church has lost any claim to moral authority, if they ever had it (I don’t think so, but I’m one of those atheist God-haters).

:: Call me naive, but I hold my church, that which purports to be the DIRECTLY DESCENDED REPRESENTATION OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH should be a tiny bit more concerned and compassionate when it comes to their priests RAPING CHILDREN. (I just don’t get this whole thing. It’s mindboggling. The cover-up for decades of pedophilia in the Church, and now the defiant circling-of-the-wagons, is nauseating. But then, I’ve read enough church history to know that this is merely the latest horrible conduct to be committed and sanctioned by God’s church.)

:: There are certain lies that will always work in politics, no matter how often they’re used, no matter how often they’re debunked, and frequently, even if both the speaker and the listener know they’re lies. Because they’re seductive. They’re things we want to believe are true, and so we let ourselves go along with them because the truth is nasty and unpleasant and the lie is warm and comfortable. There has always been an audience for these lies, and there always will be.

:: Do cordless chainsaws strike anyone else as a bad idea? (I’ve never used a regular chainsaw, so I don’t know. But I will admit that chainsaws are a bit freaky.)

:: I knew what I had to do.

I went inside and got my mom’s butcher knife. (Wow…this is one of the more demented blog posts I’ve read lately!)

:: Welcome to the first full post of the Firefly re-watch, where we get into the real red-colored molded-protein. (I need to rewatch Firefly myself. I don’t agree with the writer in that I think “Serenity” actually makes an outstanding pilot, one of the best to a series ever. In the comments he says that it’s hard to second-guess network execs who make millions of dollars to pick shows, but really, all they’re doing is picking shows based on market research and how much money they have to spend, and they rarely have any idea what’s going to survive and what’s not.)

More next week!

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