Sentential Links #215

Linkage! To return to an older MO of mine for these posts, all of these links are from blogs on Roger‘s blogroll. Enjoy!

:: I don’t know if Apple Computer (through it’s authorised distributor, Renaissance) thought it was being clever or if they were just colossally inept, but the launch of the iPad in New Zealand was just plain stupid. Whichever it was, someone ought to be sacked over it.

:: The new costume presents Diana as if she has been shopping the clearance racks at Hot Topic. Not to mention they had the nerve to bring back the horrible WW symbol. Goddess, how I hate that WW. Is she a superhero or a spokesperson for Whataburger?

:: Yes, my child woke me up before 6 a. m. to ask me if something in the newspaper was a photograph of alcoholic beverages. If that doesn’t constitute parent abuse, I don’t know what does.

:: I am not exactly sure why I find this idea so interesting, perhaps there is something voyeuristic about it: stuff generally concealed put out on open display.

:: My powers are to mime out stuff and make bad guys go away. I have a motorbike and a plane.

:: I think my favorite part of the book is the discussion of how women were artificially created by aliens.

:: So it’s a replica…of the Sonic Screwdriver…that’s actually a screwdriver. Whoaaaa…far out, man.

More next week.

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2 Responses to Sentential Links #215

  1. Arthur Schenck says:

    Thanks for the Linkage—I really should try that some time! Also, isn't cool how the degrees of separation are minimised because of blogs we have in common? Long live Blogistan!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    LOVE the concert!

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