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:: Back in mid-February, our local newspaper social media guru wrote: “A good deed loses some of its purity when it’s broadcasted by the ‘doer’ on social media.” I thought this was self-evidently true.

:: In dining establishments all over America, there is a pattern that is hurting us. We, as Americans, are a nation of consumers, no doubt. We tend to like things big: big cars, big coffees, big houses, big buildings, big sodas, big macs, big deals, big flavors, and big entrée portions. These last two are the ones that concern me most as a chef.

:: There is no reason that this should be the only video of the Court. Proceedings held in secret are suspect proceedings, and proceedings that cannot be recorded, in 2014, are not public in any meaningful sense.

:: Other than that, I have no idea what I’m doing.

:: Meanwhile, in the “fun” Funkyverse strip, the actual, literal spectre of Death is strolling through Crankshaft’s suburban neighborhood, looking for souls to reap.

:: I started a bit of a minor nerd kerfuffle yesterday on Twitter when I said this, but I’m standing by it.

:: But it’s March now, and time to talk about cats. Specifically, it’s time to talk to all the people who hate cats. “Ewww!” they say. “I hate cats! They’re so aloof! They’re not affectionate and demonstrative like dogs are!”

More next week. Theoretically.

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Our cats sleep with us, which is affectionate enough for me.

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