Sunday Burst of OH GOD NO NO NO

I’m not sure I was aware that New Orleans even had an NBA team, or that it was called the Pelicans, until I read about its new mascot a few minutes ago. Behold the creepiest damn thing in the entire world of sports, anywhere, on the ENTIRE PLANET.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be sitting in my bathtub, with arms wrapped around my drawn-in knees, rocking back and forth as I weep.


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2 Responses to Sunday Burst of OH GOD NO NO NO

  1. Jason says:

    Gaaaah! What heroin-soaked fever dream generated this monstrosity?!

  2. fillyjonk says:

    Is that supposed to be the "baby" out of the King Cake?

    If so, how can they do that without lots of people finding it somewhat blasphemous? (And at any rate, that thing is creepy)

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