So, how’s Phil Spiderman doing these days?

One of my routine duties at work is surveying the roof. We have a large building, and the roof can present its own set of issues, plus there is HVAC equipment up there that is generally supposed to be behaving, and if that equipment does not behave, by the time we realize it down inside the building, things have gone awry.

So today I’m walking my rounds up there and I come across this guy:

Spider I. I found this guy whilst surveying the roof at work. Fascinating creatures! #spider #arachnid

Big guy, as the photos suggest. And his web was really big, probably spanning a good thirty inches from upper left to lower right. Dude was doing a job, man.

Spider II. #spider #arachnid

Spider III. I actually like spiders. #spider #arachnid

I took my photos, and then I left him to his business. I didn’t even disrupt his web at all. Generally I’m fine with spiders. If one is inside the house, I’ll make every effort to gently catch him or her in a paper towel and put the critter outside. I’m sorry to admit, however, that if a spider happens to end up on me in some way, my instincts kick in way before my “Be nice to spiders” moral view does. In short, spiders that drop on me are almost certain to be squished. And then I feel bad.

This fellow, though, got a free pass from me. Spider’s gotta eat, right?

Spider IV. I left this guy alone after this. Hey? Why bother him? Spider's gotta eat, yo. #spider #arachnid

Oh, and the title of this post refers to this.

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