Something for Thursday

Sometimes it’s worth looking a bit more closely at the stuff that social media randomly serves up via its algorithms, because you DO find the occasional gem that way…like, for me recently, a band called The Empty Pockets. From their bio:

Light flickers in even the darkest of spaces and smallest cracks. Similarly, The Empty Pockets ignite a bright flame of their own by harnessing a joyful friction between Americana, folk, and rock ‘n’ roll spiked with roots soul. The Chicago quartet—Josh Solomon [guitar, vocals], Erika Brett [keyboards, vocals], Nate Bellon [bass, vocals], and Adam Balasco [drums]—lean on an unspoken, yet airtight musical dialogue honed by countless miles on the road, performances  alongside the likes of Kenny Loggins, a procession of fan favorite releases (including a #1 debut), and a wealth of memories together.

I’ve only listened to a few of their songs thus far, and to me they are redolent of smoky bars where the scent of grilled meat and fried onions is on the air and where the main light is the neon from the beer signs. The wood of your table is shiny and well-worn, and in the corner is the band.

I quite like this and will listen to them more.


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  1. Roger says:

    I have two or three of their albums that I received from some crowdsourcing projects.

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