A metamorphosis, completed

You may remember me writing a few weeks ago about the Monarch butterfly caterpillar we found in the milkweed outside our front door, and its turning up again a few days later as a chrysalis clinging to the siding of our house.

Well, our friend kept hanging there for the better part of three weeks. The chrysalis gradually shifted from bright green and opaque to darker and somewhat translucent, until this past Saturday it looked like this:

If you examine the larger version of that photo, you can see the telltale markings of our butterfly friend’s wings inside the chrysalis.

This past Sunday I noted the chrysalis was still there as I departed for my morning’s photography walk…and when I returned less than three hours later, this is what I found on the side of the house.


Our friend stuck around a while–my understanding is that they have to let their wings dry before they can fly–and then I assume they departed for Mexico. I hope they enjoy safe travels; that’s a long trek.

What an exciting thing to see again…and for the first time!


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  1. Roger says:

    WAY cool. Good thing you have that nearly-professional photographer on the case!

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