Super Bowl trivia questions!

 It’s THAT weekend, again! If you need some Super Bowl trivia questions for your socially-distanced Super Bowl Party On Zoom, here you go! These are recycled from last year, with revisions to two questions based on the results of last year’s game and this year’s champions (I can no longer say that no team has ever played a Super Bowl on its own home field!). Answers are in the comments (with one question’s answer having changed after last year’s Super Bowl result).

1. What is the highest combined point total in a Super Bowl?

2. What is the lowest combined point total in a Super Bowl?

3. What winning team scored the fewest points?

4. What losing team scored the most points?

5. What is the oldest existing venue to have hosted a Super Bowl?

6. What is the oldest existing stadium that is home to an NFL team to have hosted a Super Bowl?

7. What is the last Super Bowl to be played in a stadium that was not home to an NFL team?

8. According to a Super Bowl-related episode of THE SIMPSONS, who are the favorite teams of Homer Simpson and Moe Szylack?

9. Three American Idol winners have performed the National Anthem at Super Bowls. Which ones?

10. These two teams have met in three Super Bowls.

11. These teams have each met in two Super Bowls.

12. These three teams are 1-0 in the Super Bowl.

13. This is the only team to be currently undefeated in multiple trips to the Super Bowl.

14. As of 2021, this team has gone the longest without returning to the Super Bowl.

15. As of 2021, this team went the longest between Super Bowl victories.

16. To date, this is the only Super Bowl whose participants played their home games in the same state.

17. Following each of this team’s last two Super Bowl victories, the starting quarterback for both games retired. Name the team and the two quarterbacks who retired as champions.

18. These teams have won at least four Super Bowls.

19. These teams have lost at least four Super Bowls.

20. This player is the only special teams player to have been named Super Bowl MVP.

21. The team with the NFL’s season rushing champion has advanced to the Super Bowl only four times. Name the players, the teams, and the Super Bowls.

22. Since the NFL adopted a 16-game regular season, seven teams have posted records of 15-1 or better. Only two of those have won Super Bowls, however. Name the two champions, and the remainder of the teams and their results.

23. This is the only team to win the Super Bowl after being outscored during the regular season.

24. Over the course of 12 months, this city hosted the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the NCAA Final Four. Which city was it, and which Super Bowl was hosted?

25. Four coaches have each lost the Super Bowl four times apiece. Name them.

26. Which of the following has never happened in a Super Bowl: a punt return for a touchdown, two wild-card teams meeting in the Super Bowl, a play from scrimmage over 90 yards, or a head coach winning a Super Bowl with two different teams?

27. Name the four teams that have as yet never reached the Super Bowl.

28. In only two Super Bowls did neither team commit a turnover. Which ones?

29. The closest geographical proximity between the two cities represented in a Super Bowl was 164 miles. Which two cities, and which Super Bowl?

30. What is the earliest in a Super Bowl that a winning team has taken its final lead?

31. No team has ever won three consecutive Super Bowl championships. What two teams came closest to doing so?

Enjoy, and go Chiefs! Evil Tom MUST be denied a seventh victory. ON THIS ALL DEPENDS.

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2 Responses to Super Bowl trivia questions!

  1. Kelly Sedinger says:

    The Answers!

    1. 75 points, in Super Bowl XXIX (49ers 49, Chargers 26)

    2. 16 points, in Super Bowl LIII (Patriots 13, Rams 3)

    3. Patriots in Super Bowl LIII (13 points)

    4. Patriots in Super Bowl LII (33 points)

    5. The Rose Bowl in Pasadena

    6. The Mercedez-Benz Superdome in New Orleans (home of the Saints)

    7. Super Bowl XXVII, played in the Rose Bowl

    8. Respectively, the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons

    9. Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks

    10. Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys

    11. Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins; Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills; San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals; New England Patriots and St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams; New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

    12. New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints

    13. Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

    14. New York Jets (last appearance was Super Bowl III)

    15. Kansas City Chiefs (50 years between victories in Super Bowls IV and LIV)

    16. Super Bowl XXIX (San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers)

    17. Denver Broncos; John Elway and Peyton Manning

    18. New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers (6); Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers (5); Green Bay Packers and New York Giants (4)

    19. New England Patriots and Denver Broncos (5); Minnesota Vikings and Buffalo Bills (4)

    20. Desmond Howard, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl XXXI

    21. Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys, in Super Bowls XXVIII and XXIX; Terrell Davis, Denver Broncos, in Super Bowl XXXIII; Shaun Alexander, Seattle Seahawks, in Super Bowl XL.

    22. Super Bowl Champions: 1984 San Francisco 49ers and 1985 Chicago Bears (Super Bowls XIX and XX). Remaining teams: 1998 Minnesota Vikings (15-1, lost NFC Championship), 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers (15-1, lost AFC Championship), 2007 New England Patriots (16-0, lost Super Bowl XLII), 2011 Green Bay Packers (15-1, lost NFC divisional playoff), 2015 Carolina Panthers (15-1, lost Super Bowl L)

    23. The 2011 New York Giants (9-7) made the playoffs and won Super Bowl XLVI despite being outscored 400-394 during the regular season.

    24. Minneapolis, MN; Super Bowl XXVI (Washington Redskins v. Buffalo Bills). The 1991 Stanley Cup Finals pitted the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Minnesota North Stars; the 1991 World Series pitted the Minnesota Twins against the Atlanta Braves; and the 1992 Final Four featured Duke (National Champion), Michigan (runner-up), Cincinnati, and Indiana.

    25. Bud Grant, Don Shula, Dan Reeves, Marv Levy

    26. Trick question: As of this writing (prior to kickoff of Super Bowl LIV), NONE of these has happened!

    27. The Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans, and the Cleveland Browns

    28. Super Bowl XXV (New York Giants v. Buffalo Bills), and Super Bowl XXXIV (St. Louis Rams v. Tennessee Titans)

    29. The Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, in Super Bowl XLI

    30. 12 seconds into the first quarter, in Super Bowl XLVIII, when the Seattle Seahawks scored a safety against the Denver Broncos on the game's first play from scrimmage. The Seahawks never trailed after going up 2-0.

    31. The 1990 San Francisco 49ers and the 1994 Dallas Cowboys both lost the NFC Championship Game as two-time defending Super Bowl champions. No team has ever reached the Super Bowl as a two-time defending champion.

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    go Chiefs. Andy Reid's son is an idiot.

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