2010-2019: A decade in words

2010 !!!

Wow, not just a year ending, but a decade!

Here is a selection of my favorite posts from the last ten years. How much longer will this go on? Who knows! I’d like to get back into more essay and photo content around here than the YouTube music selections, so here’s hoping.

Grouped by year:


Remembering Dr. Warren Schmidt
The Behaviors of Mr. George Costanza


“Thy world, O master of the world, thy dawn: Reflections on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
On That Day


On finally seeing Les Miserables on stage
An open letter to Castle
Last Dance: Farewell, Donna Summer
The Many Faces of Monti Carlo
How Superman’s Butt Saved Christmas


Tip Your Server!
On Rober Ebert
When I was a kid, I wanted to be Bud Herseth
Louis CK is full of crap.
A night with the Philharmonic


Killing the darlings: How I edit
On building my library
First thoughts on dog ownership
We survived “Snowvember


Ranking the James Bond songs
No, John Williams did not rip off Dvorak
On the passing of Leonard Nimoy
Meet Hank, my internal editor
On waffles
Keeping ahead of the Smiths: Thoughts on the Minimum Wage
I explain the plot of Octopussy

Thanksgiving in New York City:


A moonlit triptych
Star Trek at 50
A love letter to Crazy Ex Girlfriend
A really good book about Star Wars


On Richard Thompson and Cul De Sac
Dear 44
Dear 45
A memory from each grandmother
“Let Me Help”: Thoughts on “The City on the Edge of Forever” at Fifty
On “Choosing happiness”
The final victory of JR Ewing: Thoughts on the 45th President


Memories of Dr. Janice Wade


On Books, Hoarding, and Joy
My grandfather’s watch
Travels along the Yellow Brick Road
Apollo at 50

Keeping these separate, here are my thoughts on the Star Wars movies that have been released since the Disney takeover:

The Force Awakens

The Phantom Lucas
Wait, what?
Poe, Rey, Me
That kid ain’t right
The praise awakens!

Rogue One

The Last Jedi

Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong.
It’s time for the Jedi to end.
We fought to the end.
A flyboy, a mechanic, and a janitor walk into a bar….
A Rose is what Moses supposes his toeses!
People will come, Rey!
Snokin’ in the Boys’ Room
Are you the fellow who designed St. Paul’s?
Attack of the Screw-ups
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!

The following are from my official site, ForgottenStars.net:

On THE WEST WING and storytelling in miniature
Remembering William Goldman
On Writing Longhand

In all honesty, I don’t use my Official Site as strongly as I should, because I’ve never really figured out a focus for it. That’s something I hope to do in 2020.

I have also been writing for the last few years for The Geekiverse. Here is a selection of my output:

An introduction, and five summer movies
Shhh! You’ll spoil it! (Thoughts on spoilers)
Farewell, MAD Magazine
Apollo at 50
Oh, snap: A closer look at Thanos’s and Hulk’s fingersnaps
The REAL ranking of the STAR WARS movies

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