2016: Stuff I Wrote

I kept on blogging in 2016, but the focus was more on picture posts and music links than anything else. Still, I did come up with some things that I liked:

Top Five Fictional Presidents
Behold the Hunter!
Leaving Football Behind

A Moonlit Triptych
May Apples
Mugs, Jugs, and a fellow named Toby
The Adventures of Phil Spiderman

“Always” (thoughts on the conclusion of CASTLE)
In (partial) defense of SCORPION
Adventures in the 716
From the Fair

Around WNY: Rainbows, flames, and giant ducks
STAR TREK and me: TREK at 50
Myself in Three Fictional Characters
Collars: Love ’em or hate ’em?

Autumn around the 716
“She’s so broken insiiiiide!” (A love letter to Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Here’s some stuff about Star Wars:

On THE FORCE AWAKENS, part 1 (The Phantom Lucas)
On THE FORCE AWAKENS, part 2 (“Wait, what?”)
On THE FORCE AWAKENS, part 3 (Poe, Rey, Me)
On THE FORCE AWAKENS, part 4 (That Kid Ain’t Right)
On THE FORCE AWAKENS, part 5 (The Praise Awakens)

ROGUE ONE and the State of STAR WARS (written long before Rogue One came out)
In which I read a really good book about Star Wars

Here’s some stuff about food:

Mississippi Roast

Onward to 2017.

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